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Your staff are the back bone of your organisation. Community Sector Banking understands that your staff are just as important as the communities you help - and that’s why we’ve created an innovative range of salary solutions which make it easier for not-for-profits with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status to pay staff and administer salary packaging.

Keep all your salary packaging under one roof with our b-packaged® and b-optimised® accounts which help you attract and retain staff with competitive salaries. 

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  • b-packaged debit MasterCard
  • b-optimised account
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b-packaged debit MasterCard

Fringe benefits and salary packages don’t have to be such an administrative headache. Our low fee b-packaged® debit MasterCard makes the entire process simpler and is available to all not-for-profits with PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) status. 

The b-packaged® card allows staff to make payments with their card as part of their allowable benefits, instead of their taxable income, whilst also keeping track of spending and managing tax requirements. 

The b-packaged® card meets taxation requirements through an Australian Taxation Office Class Ruling (CR 2007/15).

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  • Minimum balance of $1
  • Direct debit


account fees
Account service $2 per month
Overdrawn account $27.50
MasterCard debit card $3 per month
card fees
Replacement card FREE


Interest is calculated daily and credited to your account half-yearly
Current interest rate 0.05% pa

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