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social investment grants program

Our Social Investment Grants Program funds not-for-profit projects or programs working to improve social outcomes. Each year we open applications for not-for-profits to apply for grants.

Community Sector Banking directly funds our Grants Program, from an allocated 50% of net profit earned on Social Investment Deposit Accounts. Contributions from our committed Social Investment Deposit Account holders are also pooled to fund the Social Investment Grants Program.

We are delighted to support Australian not-for-profits through our grants for the third year running; this is an exciting opportunity for Community Sector Banking and our customers to directly give back to the communities our not-for-profit customers strive to assist.

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Applications for the 2016 Social Investment Grants have now closed. Successful applications have been announced and can be found here.

The Social Investment Grants Program are annual grants offered by Community Sector Banking and administered in conjunction with Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation. Each year, the Grants Committee determines an area in which the Grants will generate the most impact. In 2016 it was reducing homelessness.

Funded directly by contributions from Social Investment Deposit Account holders and Community Sector Banking profits, the Grants create real impact through every day, not-for-profit banking.

Where does the money come from?

Our grants pool is funded by

  • Community Sector Banking contributing 50% net profit earned on Social Investment Deposit Accounts.
  • Social Investment Deposit Account holders who choose to donate 50% or 100% of the interest earned on their account.

Want to contribute? Take a look and open a Social Investment Deposit Account today. 

How the grants are governed

Community Sector Banking manages the Social Investment Grants Program, with a Grants Advisory Committee comprising of two independent representatives, two Community Sector Banking representatives and one Bendigo Bank representative:

Bruce Argyle – Chair
Samantha Hannah-Rankin
Maz Thomson (Community Sector Banking)
Amanda Watt (Community Sector Banking)
Andrew Watts (Bendigo Bank)

The grants are administered and dispersed through Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation, in partnership with Community Sector Banking.


For enquiries regarding our Social Investment Grants Program criteria, call 1300 304 541 (Community Enterprise Foundation) or email communications@csbanking.com.au.